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KIKOONI stands for a unique and exclusive selection of fairly produced, exotic fashion and home accessories.

Handmade products, partly upcycled from traditional fabrics, manufactured by small productions, women’s collectives and family-run businesses from all over the world.

Who is KIKOONI? Us! Mother and daughter...

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What we sell

Handmade products

What you buy from us is the opposite of mass-produced goods. Our products are handmade and unique. Unique because of the handwork and the irregularities that arise. We offer hand-woven or hand-printed bags. Dokra jewelry, where each brass bead is cast by hand over fire. Upcycled Kantha silk scarves and cashmere scarves directly from Nepal. We want to offer original products that are made in various parts of the world using traditional methods by local artisans.

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our mission

Colorful and diverse

We love variety, we love color. We love originality and also the imperfect - the handmade, the special, the one with character and a soul. Our products reflect the openness to new things, to the foreign and unknown, to interest in foreign cultures. We want to arouse curiosity about what we don't know, what we can learn from others, or simply admire.

Our greatest concern, however, is to offer fairly produced goods and to be transparent. We offer fashion and accessories that we know where they are made and we can be sure that the people who make our products are paid fairly and have a pleasant and attractive workplace. We want the person behind every product to be seen and appreciated and treated accordingly.

We also want you to ask yourself the questions: Where does my product come from? Who made it? And under what conditions was it manufactured - How was it produced?

At KIKOONI you will find an explanation under each product. Why?: because it is important!

because it matters!

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