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handmade mini bag "Poppy Tiger"

handmade mini bag "Poppy Tiger"

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handmade mini bag "Poppy Tiger" for every day!

Details: Dimensions (LxHxD): approx. 17 cm x 14 cm x 2.5 cm Outer material made of pure cotton with Kantha embroidery and (block print) wooden stamp Print with natural / azo-free dyes Main compartment closes with a zipper Handmade tassel decoration
Loving handcraft and unique details! The playful and handmade mini bag "Poppy Tiger" is a wonderful addition to the cosmetic bag AND the shopper. It makes the set perfect! Since you can fit it perfectly in your handbag, it is perfect for lipstick and hand cream, but also for your money or ID cards (even your passport will fit easily here!). You can also use it wonderfully as a wallet, small makeup bag or travel companion. There are no limits to your imagination! You can keep all the important little things in life organized and within easy reach here. The best thing: Each bag is unique and is made with love in India. The employees print the pure cotton fabric by hand with wooden stamps. This process is called block printing. The bag is then embroidered with the famous and traditional Kantha embroidery and the bag is finished off with the tassel details on the zipper. The handmade mini bag "Poppy Tiger Candy" is thought through down to the smallest detail and stands out from the mainstream.
Fair, resource-saving and with a creative spirit The outer material is made of pure cotton and the inner lining is made of printed cotton. A small production facility in Jaipur, India produces the embroidered cosmetic bags under fair working conditions. Production avoids using large machines, which saves large amounts of water and electricity. The resource-saving process reflects the relaxed working atmosphere. We attach great importance to special, unique pieces that have been created with love and a creative spirit and will continue to be created - also with our and your support. Vegan bags No animal products are used in the manufacturing process and the cotton fabrics are printed by hand with a wooden stamp. Since the employees apply the Kantha embroidery made of cotton threads with a sewing machine and sew in the polyester inner part with a sewing machine, a purely vegan product is created.
Resource-saving The production facility relies primarily on the uniquely beautiful block printing process, which has a long tradition in Jaipur. The employees print the motifs and patterns by hand onto the cotton fabrics using large wooden stamps and natural, azo-free dyes. The production only uses machines on a small scale, such as irons and sewing machines, so that the small company saves a lot of water and electricity compared to other large production facilities.
Since the mini bags are all handmade, they all differ from each other in the placement of the pattern.
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