Southeast Asian Thailand is known for tropical beaches, opulent royal palaces, ancient ruins and richly decorated temples with Buddha figures.


Of the approximately 68 million inhabitants, 75% are ethnic Thai and 14% Chinese; the three southernmost provinces are predominantly Malay. Buddhism is the dominant religion in the country, almost 94% of Thais profess it, it is particularly promoted by the state, but is not an official state religion; 5.1% are Muslims.

However, Thailand's main source of income is tourism. In 2015, 19 million tourists visited the country. Its capital Bangkok was the most visited city in the world in 2016.

However, the Corona crisis has not spared Thailand and far fewer tourists have traveled to the country during this time. Despite the economic losses, this time must also be viewed positively. The strained environment, the overcrowded beaches and, last but not least, the coral reefs have been able to recover somewhat from mass tourism.

Meanwhile, in 2023, Thailand was again visited by a record 25.7 million foreign tourists.

The hill tribes live mainly in northern Thailand. They are ethnically very heterogeneous; the most important are Hmong, Karen, Lahu, Lisu, Akha, Lawa and Khmu. The population there is poorer than the country's average due to the difficult conditions for agriculture, dust-dry landscapes in summer and flooded landscapes in the rainy season.

Irrigation projects are intended to remedy this situation. Silk embroidery has a long tradition among some mountain tribes, especially the Yao and Hmong.
KIKOONI therefore works with a collective of around 100 women in Northern Thailand.

We also got to know a small production company in Bangkok that produces beautiful fashion and home accessories.


Vietnam is a southeast Asian country in the South China Sea, known for beaches, rivers, Buddhist pagodas and hectic cities. The capital of Vietnam is Hanoi. This is where the production we work with is located.

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From Vietnam we source beautiful and lightweight upcycled horn jewelry that enhances any outfit. The women-led production specializes in reusing and "upcycling" BUFFALO HORN.

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By purchasing a product from our Thailand collection, you support our partners in the north of Thailand! A women's collective that independently and autonomously produces beautiful, high-quality products.