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Dokra earrings "pink stones"

Dokra earrings "pink stones"

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Dokra earrings "pink stones", handmade from pink cotton and small shiny gold Dokra jewelry elements. Length: 5 cm without hook Material: brass and cotton
What is Dokra?

Dokra is a lost-wax metal casting process that originated in India over 4,000 years ago. Since then, it has been a tradition that is still maintained and continued today by some blacksmiths in villages in West Bengal and Orissa. A special mold is created by hand for each individual object, which is broken after the firing process. This means that every metal part, no matter how small, is unique.

Handcrafted Dokra Jewellery

From Dokra bracelets to Dokra necklaces to Dokra earrings - Dokra jewelry is made by hand using traditional methods and brought to life. The subtly shiny gold surface of Dokra jewelry does not tarnish and is therefore a long-lasting and beautiful jewelry companion. The uniqueness gives the Dokra jewelry wearer a special and individual touch that clearly stands out from all other types of jewelry.

Dokra jewellery from India

We traveled to India and visited families who keep the Dokra tradition alive. The handmade Dokra jewelry is fairly produced and has a sustainable character. Each individual piece of jewelry tells a story and is part of a centuries-old tradition. We are grateful partners and are happy to be able to represent the Indian Dokra tradition in the western world.
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