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Cosmetic bag | Wallet "Mare Azul"

Cosmetic bag | Wallet "Mare Azul"

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Happy Vibes! The small cosmetic, jewelry bags or wallets from Guatemala have one thing in common: colorful lightness and a unique character! Each bag is unique and made by hand. Like our “Mare Azul” bag, which is handmade using “old” and traditional methods and traditional design. The Guatemalan women's collective in San Martin weaves the products on a “back-strap” loom, creating wonderful accessories that are characterized by high and robust quality. Women's collective from Guatemala The women's collective consists of a total of 400 women who run a completely independent business together. Distributed across 17 weaving mills, they work in the highlands of Guatemala on special accessories such as cosmetic bags, Wallets, bags and jewelry. We are happy to pay a price that is appropriate for the work, we want to help people help themselves and help improve the standard of living of women and their families! In the name of the #womenempowerwomen movement, we are proud partners and grateful for the opportunity to spread feminine uniqueness in the Western world! ● Dimensions (LxHxD): 15 cm x 12 cm x max. 2 cm ● Pure cotton upper± ● closes with a zipper ● lined with washable black plastic.
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I'm from : Guatemala

Anyone who knows Guatemala knows that this is the Central American state
is known for its numerous Mayan ruins. The culture of the country
is also found in handicrafts and has a special significance. Whether textiles or individual cosmetic bags - the colorfulness of the accessories from Guatemala is incredible. Our products from this beautiful country in Central America are handwoven from yarn dyed with natural colors. Or upcycled and handmade from traditional Huipile fabrics.

By whom? .. it's a women's business.. Read more about it in our category "Collaboration with..."

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